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Are you a music lover? Do you love to play musical instruments like the piano, guitar or button accordion while you sing? All these musical instruments are hard to play but the button accordion is the hardest. It is a musical instrument which has three parts. On the right hand side are the treble keys which plays the melody, while on the left hand side are the bass keys which plays chords and connecting the two are the bellows. It is played by pressing buttons while opening and contracting the musical instrument.

Several music lovers are well-versed with piano-key accordions, but do not know that other types of accordions exist. The electric guitar has played a significant role in the demise of the button accordion with this musical instrument losing its popularity and recognition in the last 25 years. All accordions produce sound by blowing air over a reed inside the instrument. This blowing of air is created by pushing and pulling a set of bellows. Button accordion music is best suited for jazz, classical and old polkas and often played in traditional music. The buttons of a button accordion are generally arranged in such a way that each row of buttons communicates to one key. ‘Reeds' are considered as the main component of every accordion without which the instrument cannot be played. When air is blown, it vibrates to produce sound. The most important components of the accordion are divided into three main sections namely, the expandable bellows and two wooden units known as the treble and bass ends respectively.

There are two types of button accordions, for example the chromatic button accordion and diatonic button accordion. A chromatic accordion has at least three rows of buttons to play. It is associated with French musette and Eastern European accordion music. The main benefits of a chromatic button accordion are that only one fingering pattern is essential to play all keys. The button accordion is the most popular musical instrument in Russia where it is known as the bayan accordion. Bayan Russian button accordion is a chromatic type of button accordion which was developed in Russia in the 20th century and varies from western chromatic button accordions in some details of construction with reeds fixed in large groups as an example. The diatonic button accordion is famous among Irish musicians with the Irish button accordion playing a significant role in Irish culture.

Every button of a diatonic button accordion plays two different notes. The note one gets when a button is pressed depends upon whether the bellows are opened or closed. The bass buttons work in the same way. When the bellows are open, they play in one note or level while when the bellows are closed they play a completely different note or scale.

There are various sites that provide you with free online tutorials and lessons on how to play or use the button accordion. Button accordions are fun to play with and make spectacular gifts for a family which will be liked and cherished by everyone for years to come.

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