Vintage 120

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I want to learn how to play the accordion, but it's expensive, can I buy and ipad and ?

learn how to play it using the accordion application in it? thx

You can certainly buy an accordion for less than the price of an iPad, as well as instructional books, CDs and DVDs. Since you've presumably never played accordion before, you won't need a full-size, 120-bass one. In fact, if you get one of those, chances are you'll find yourself too overwhelmed to learn much of anything. You'll find it much easier to learn on a smaller accordion that has between 12 and 32 bass buttons. You can find excellent used student accordions on eBay for less than $200 and if you're patient less than $100.

You can't learn to play accordion on a computer any more than you can train to be a professional bowler using a Wii. Simulations are entertainment, but they're not real. Unless you're holding an actual accordion, you won't become familiar with the location and feel of the bass buttons and keys or the motions employed to work the bellows and produce the sound.

I'd recommend looking for student accordions on eBay and watching a few of the auctions to see the closing prices. Some weeks accordions sell for very little, other weeks they demand big money. I once purchased a beautiful, vintage, 120-bass accordion for $50 and sold it three weeks later for $275. If you're willing to wait a few weeks for a good price, you should be able to score a student model for far less than you'd pay for a iPad. And if you get an actual accordion, you'll actually be able to learn to play an actual accordion.

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