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What is the best kind of accordion? (Accordion experts please)?

I am interested in buying an accordion, but i need a little bit more information. As of now, i would like a piano Accordion. I only know a little bit about an accordion, so i'd like to know how many buttons the left hand should have. The accordion i am looking at has twelve. Compared to other accordions, that sounds like a small amount of buttons. The link to the accordion is here.
Also, about how much is a good price for an accordion? Is there any advice you can give on accordion hunting? Take a look at the site, and tell me if you think it's a good buy or not. Any tips would be appriciated.
I'm not looking for incredibly expensive accordions either. Maybe around $180-250 if possible?

The question is, what do you want to use the accordion for? There are different accordions for different kinds of music. If you want to play kids melodys around a campfire or very simple folk music, it is ok. The one you are looking at is a "made in China" one and is not very good. They use phrases like "Italian Engineered" or "Italian Designed" to try to fool you into believing that it is an Italian made accordion. That they are trying to deceive you regarding it, is telling. 12 bass is very limiting and is usually used for students for the first few months. You will not be able to play in very many keys as most sharps and flats, are missing and the chord keys are all major triads - no minors, no sevenths, no diminished chords. The minimum useful number of bass buttons for most music is 72. You will also need more keys on the treble side - for most music. 34 is generally the minimum. I would suggest that you contact a local accordion club if there is one near you and attend a meeting or two and try out some different accordions and hear the differences. If there is not one, take a look through Yahoo Groups for accordion discussion groups and read through the archives. Accordion Freedom Forum is a good one, as is the Roland Accordion Group, and there are a bunch of other more local ones that are informative as well. Check out Ike's Boxpital website for info on how to buy an accordion. or

Like everything else you get what you pay for. You may be able to find a nice used Italian made one in your price range - an accordion club could help you out. You didn't mention where you are located so I can't suggest a local dealer/club but if you checked into:
and introduced yourself, you would get lots of good advice and maybe someone local to help you out.
I might note that there are a few dealers who import the Chinese accordions and then go over them to make sure they are in good mechanical working order and tuned properly. Many actual accordion places will rent you one to try out. The generic music store usually doesn't have a clue about what constitutes a decent accordion.


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