Piano Accordion

I want to learn the accordion but I don't know what size to get?

I am teaching myself the banjo(or trying to) and i fancy learning thr piano accordion. Any advise would be great

A lot of beginners end up with a tiny 12 bass accordion, but I wouldn't recommend it. Once you get into playing, you'll probably find it very limiting.

Otherwise, it depends on the type of music you plan on playing. A full size 120 bass accordion will give you the most versatility, while a 72 bass accordion will save a lot of weight without sacrificing too much playability on all but the most complicated music. A 48 bass accordion would be the smallest I would go, if you need something really light weight.

Also you need to consider whether you want "wet" or "dry" tuning. Each is suitable for different types of music, and you should pick one that suits what you will be playing. The best way would be to try each & see which you like.

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