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What is the proper way to transport an upright acoustic piano?

What cares should be taken into account when transporting a piano ?
Does the piano must be disarmed ?
How to avoid detuning ?
What I mean with "to be disarmed" is disassemble, or take to pieces, forgive my english.

Believe it or not, pianos are built quite ruggedly. Even so there are things to be cautious of. Don't roll the thing all over creation on its own casters. Those are there for small adjustments within the living room. You'll want to get a padded piano board and a sturdy four-wheel dolly to move the thing around. Throw some padded movers blankets over it and tie them off to avid nicking the case ... and the walls. Keep the piano upright; flipping it on end will not be a good thing. Close the fallboard and remove any loose parts (if the music desk comes off, remove it -- if you've got an ancient English piano with candle holders remove them.) Use four people to move the instrument. Sure it will roll easily, but it is an upright and it wants to take a horizontal nap. You'll need those people for lifting and steadying the load and for spotting along the way so that you don't end up stuck in a corner you cannot get around or bouncing over a threshold you forgot was in a doorway.

When the piano is in the truck or trailer, cinch it to the wall (back posts to the wall) tightly. You don't want it getting away from you en route. Six hundred pounds of piano can do a nasty job on mom's fine china. Not to mention that rolling around back there you will loose control of the vehicle.

If its like 95% of the uprights I've seen, its hopelessly out of tune already. It will get worse. When your destination, let it sit a few days, then call the tuner. Make another appointment for two or three weeks out, when the piano is more acclimated to the environment. (Yes, minimum of two tunings in that first month.) Then get on a schedule with him at least annually, better two or four times a year.

... Oh yeah, take the gun away from the piano or turn off the siren; whichever way you wish to disarm the piano.

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