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What are some jobs in the church?

I would love to have a job working in the church, but I am trying to come up with some of the different job duties in the church. I would love to be involved with the youth. Any suggestions on some different jobs I could explore?

That's a good question.

Of course, there are clergy jobs. The basic job description there is to preach the gospel and remind people of God's grace and mercy. The thing I love most about that job is the privilege of saying these words to people:
"As a called and ordained minister of the Church of Christ, and by Christ's authority, I declare to you the entire forgiveness of all your sins."

Most churches employ one or more musicians. To do this job, you should play keyboard as well as you can. Organs, pianos, and electronic keyboards are all popular ways of accompanying congregational singing. You should also have some skill at leading a choir, and at convincing people they can indeed sing even when they've been told all their lives that they can't.

Most churches have an office administrator. During the week, a church looks like a small publishing house married to a social-service agency. A good church administrator should love talking to people on the phone, organizing volunteers, and producing newsletters and worship programs.

Some churches have youth ministers. This is a sort of camp-counselor job, in which you work with teens and children, teaching and organizing events, and serving as a mentor.

Some churches employ directors of education. In this job you will organize volunteer church school teachers, help them overcome any reluctance they have to teach, provide curriculum materials and generally support the church's learning programs.

Some churches employ parish nurses, visitation ministers, or other people whose calling is to visit the sick and help with the church's mission of healing.

Churches have custodians, sometimes called sextons. Their responsibility is to make sure the building and grounds are kept healthy, clean, and safe -- hopefully by instilling a sense of responsibility in members of the congregation. In churches with graveyards, the sexton sometimes has the responsibility to coordinate the digging of graves when necessary.

Many organized denominations have publishing houses. In those places you can write, compose, music, design, edit, print, market, and sell just like you can in any publishing house.

The church needs good workers. I hope you find your calling.

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