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How do I start teaching private clarinet lessons part time during the summer?

How do I advertise effectively so that i can get people to sign up? I am going to be a junior in high school next year. Believe me, I am really good at the clarinet, quite serious and addicted to it as well (I have an A clarinet). I want to teach at a community center. How do I work this out? Do I need a job permit? Do I owe the community center money?
I am strictly trained by my local principle clarinetist who has made great achievements internationally, and musically disciplined by a former Moscow Conservatory professor. I am classically trained and I am the real deal.

They should have covered that while you were getting your degree in clarinet pedagogy or music education. oh, wait, you don't have one of those and are planning to compete with folks who do but don't have anything to do in the summers except maybe band camp. Cool enough.

[Note: I have a C tenor sax -- that doesn't in itself make me a good sax player. There's a big difference between possessions and skills/abilities. I have a really nice accordion too - can't play it but I have one. I probably shouldn't teach accordion lessons.]

That said, you put the word out in the community via band teachers, music stores, Craig's List, bulletin boards, etc... that you're offering lessons and how much you charge. If you want to teach at the community center then you need to make an agreement with them to use their facility. Most don't want you making big bucks and not sharing with them. Some want more than a 50% cut since they're paying the lights and clean-up bill. I usually like to be around 60/40 (60% to me).

You probably don't need a "job permit" because you're not being employed. You may well need a business license (not free) though because you're starting your own business. You'll probably have some taxes due too - provided you have many/any pupils. If you teach in your home then you may need a zoning variance or permission from an HOA. [note: most private music teachers don't get a business license or pay taxes or have liability insurance - that sometimes works out ok and sometimes causes serious legal problems.]

Once you have a place to teach and someone to teach, then you need a curriculum and some lesson plans. You'll want to make sure that you're not wasting anyone's time and money teaching things wrong or forgetting to teach things that are important. People get really annoyed if you waste their time or money.

If you do well then word will spread and you'll get more students. If you do poorly then word will spread and put you out of business really fast.

There's a really good book called The Independent Piano Teacher's Studio Handbook [ ] that is easily adaptable to any private music lesson business. It has some really good ideas and explanations in it and is truly worth reading if you want to do this right and make some money.

If by "really good" you mean that you have the first chair in the local symphony and are the "first call" when someone's putting together a Dixieland band for Mardis Gras then you'll have a good shot at this idea. Otherwise you'll be competing for students with whoever that is in your town. Clarinet studios aren't known for being a really big student draw like is guitar or piano.

Add: it's cool that you're "strictly trained" to play clarinet. Based on your question though you've not been trained to teach it. Many musicians would point out that if you're really all that as a player - you can earn a lot more playing than teaching summer lessons and do so with much less work.

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