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What film would I use for a No.1 a Folding Pocket Kodak?

My dad found my grandad's old No.1 A Folding Pocket Kodak. Its from 1909 and it's in pretty bad condition really... but I don't think it's broken. I definitely want to bring it back to life, but I have no idea what kind of film it would take. I've heard that it takes 70mm wide film, but where on earth could I get that!? Also, I have no idea how I would load the film.
http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2756/4397015328_975408b65e.jpg this is a picture of the camera. Any help at all would be appreciated!! :)

Hi Amelia,

It's very inspiring to dig an old camera out of our family attic and I can strongly sympathize with your desire to get it working again. However, Kodak No.1 cameras are not the best vintage camera to try to make useful again. For one thing, the bellows (the leather accordion-looking material between the body and the lens) are probably full of holes that will make little dots of light all over your photos. To test this, simply stick a flash light into the back of the camera and you'll probably see a constellation of little pinpricks of light through the bellows. The bellows would have to be replaced and this can cost hundreds. If there are just a few holes, you can use a product called Liquid Tape to fill them but it is most likely that the bellows are ruined due to age and neglect.

The mechanics; shutter and aperture, as you say, probably work okay enough to make a photo because they are so simple.

As for the film, you'll have to do some research to figure out specifically which model you have an what film it takes. I know of no still photo camera that takes 70mm film. This is a very large motion picture film size. Whatever film it takes may measure 70mm in one dimension but that is probably not the formal name of the format. If you are lucky, the film is 120 and still in use. Otherwise, you would have to purchase a larger or similar sized format film and modify it to fit which would take a lot of technical aptitude as well as patience and money spent on test film (you would likely expose it to light while trying to figure out how to modify it.)

So the long story short is that if you want to revitalize this camera, as has been done in the photo you shared where the camera has new bellows, all the metal has been removed and rechromed and/or cleaned and polished and the leather body covering has been replaced, you are going to have to talk to camera restoration techs, not Y!A. The person whose photo this is would be a better person to ask about all this as this knowledge is very specific. Another good website to read through and email is http://www.certo6.com/

Even if you don't spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours of time getting your No.1 back together, it's a great piece of history and maybe will inspire you to learn to use film cameras that might be more practical and lead you down the road of understanding and appreciating your No.1 even more!

Good luck and enjoy!


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