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what should i wear!!!?

so im going 2 six flags with my family. im muslim. can u tell me what i should wear? i oen dome shorts but not 2 revealing. thanks! xoxo
oops!! i meant 2 say i *own some shorts*
and im not goin on any extreme rollercoasters like superman!! im probabaly just gonna go on roar!! (im goin 2 six flags america in maryland :])

Shorts or capris. Make sure they have pockets for $$ or a locker key.
Strapped sandals (such as Crocs) Flipflops fall off on the roller coasters!
Tank or t-shirt. Whatever's comfy for you.
For about $1-2, you can get a locker for the day to keep a swimsuit & towel (for wet rides & after) & a complete change of clothes, a brush, and sunblock.
You probably won't want to carry around a purse, so use those pockets!

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