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When starting to learn piano, is it best to learn on a full sized 88 key piano or digital piano?

There are smaller 61 and 37 key keyboards...what's the difference from that of a 88 key piano? Is it better to learn on a full sized piano?

I would say it is "ideal" to learn on an 88 key piano, but not necessary. The most important thing is that the keys are FULL SIZE. There are many keyboards out there that have keys that are smaller than keys on standard 88 key pianos. While you can still learn the note names, and actually can learn to play, when switching to an 88 key piano or any other keyboard with full size keys, it is very difficult to make the transition. The reach of your fingers and hands needs to learn how far the notes are from each other on a standard, normal, full-sized keyboard, if you're ever going to play on one.

The other reason I would recommend learning on a full-sized piano is that many songs (though probably when you are more advanced) use more than 37 or 61 keys. Yes, you can make them sound okay by using higher notes, but that's not usually something a beginner would be able to do easily.

As a musician (piano player), I would strongly recommend learning on a full-sized 88 key piano or digital piano with FULL SIZE KEYS!

Good Luck!

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