German Accordion

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Help me in my accordion buying decision?

I want to start learning the accordion in hopes of concentrating on playing Balkan music (Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, etc.) with it. For a start I think a piano accordion with 48 bass will do the trick. The problem is there are a lot of different brands, and I want to refrain from buying cheap made in China accordions because I've read the build quality is low. Can someone recommend a few brands, models of this type of accordion that is good?
to tarsier: Did you even need to hassle yourself to give this kind of piss poor reply?

Excuse me for the length.
First of all, this accordion May be too small for You ( may be not ).
Do You know how to play an accordion? If not, You'll need either a self -teaching guide or a teacher.
Second of all, what kind of accordion do You want to play? A piano accordion is easier for the beginner, but a chromatic (button) accordion we'll give You more freedom of play (depends how far You go.) If You intend to play only simple tunes, maybe a diatonic accordion would do it, but I'm not too familiar with this type of instrument.
At last, brand and size. It all depends on how much You want to spend. New Italian and West German accordions are excellent ( Hohner, Scandalli, Titano, Pietro, Verde, Dallape, Bugari, Pigini, Excelsior, etc. ) but they cost about +- $5K. It all depends on Your intentions and means. It would be cheaper to buy a second-hand, but the insrument condition in totally unpredictable.
As for size, if You're an adult, I guess something closer to the full size would be more suitable, unless You're a lady.
In concern for tuning, for balkan music a dry-tuned accordion would be more preferable.

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