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Are these Oakley sunglasses real or fake?

Ok, I recently bought Oakley Radar Range Sunglasses with a zipper case, warranty cards, and a cleaning cloth/case on eBay for a low price of $53.99, and it got me wondering if they were real or fake. I emailed the seller and she said that they were guaranteed authentic by her supplier, but i'm still not sure.

I didn't recieve them yet, and isn't the H6806 inside the arms the serial number. Great Help! Thanks!

They appear authentic. Do they have a serial number? Maybe if they do you could contact Oakley themselves about it. That is a great price. I went to the official site and I noticed two differences between the ebay site and the official site. The first one: the H6806 on the inside of the arms. The second one: no little notches in the tops of the lenses.

I've owned around six pair of Oakleys. The last pair was a pair of M Frames that I found in the middle of the road. They had rubber like the Radar Ranges. I'm not positive but I think they had writing on the inside of the rubber like in the ebay pics. As for the notches and the low price maybe these are last years model. Real but a year or two old.

The best way to tell for sure is to take them to the sunglass hut in the mall and compare them to the ones on the shelf. You can also ask someone that's been there for a while if they are just older models.

The poor quality of the rubber parts is normal. The rubber will wear out in about two years and Oakley will gladly sell you replacements.

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