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Does the 2001 Dodge Neon r/t have a radio code? After disconnecting the battery, the radio will not work.?

I had to disconnect the battery overnight while i was working on the intake manifold. when i connected again the next day, the radio was unresponsive. the display shows nothing. the three sound adjust buttons (bass, mid, and treble) are blinking. I have a feeling this might be a security measure. What can I do to have the radio working again? this is a stock radio. is there a place where i can find a code - if that is what is needed?
I thought it might be the fuse too, so i swapped it with one i knew was working. Nothing happened. same results. Addiionally, i know It is getting power because of the three diodes in the bass, mid, and treble adjusters.

you could have blown it up when reconnection, not highly likely, but not impossible....
i would call the dodge dealer ship and tell em what has happened and ask if it's possible that it needs recoding. however, if it does, you'll probley come out cheaper to put a new radio in. to think, if doge charges 90.00 to code it and you can get a new one 110.00, but later you need to disconnect the battery again and it decodes again, you'd be better to buy a new one and get it over with.
you checked the fuse, but was it the fuse in your fuse box?? or the fuse on the back of the radio?? sometimes the fuse on the radio will blow, so i'd take it out and see if it carries a fuse.

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