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How much would I be able to sell an upgraded Squire Standard Jazz Bass for...?

Colour: antique burst (imagine a red middle going into a black rim).
Wood: two piece maple body, one piece is flame maple, rosewood fretboard.
Pick-guard: red turtle shell thing.
Frets: 20 frets.
Pick-ups: upgraded pick-ups from a Fender Jazz Bass.
Condition: Near perfect, minor scratches and dents if you look close but nothing obvious. 1-2 years old.
Strings: about 6 month old DR HI BEAMS.
Recently set up.

How much would I be able to sell it for?

Heres a link to the same style bass (not including colour and upgrades etc):

MAYBE $200-$300 depending on the pickups but to be rational $175 hell Ill trade you for it

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