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Where could I find a piano accordion online for under $500 CAD?

I'd like to find a decent piano accordion to purchase online for under $500 CAD. I'm looking on ebay and there are all sorts of different instruments available but there really aren't a lot of details available on ebay and I'm having trouble looking up and actually finding the models online. If you know of any music website that would sell a piano accordion it would be really helpful.

At $500 Canadian, you're definitely looking at a used and/or lower quality instrument. Probably 48 bass; maybe 72 with a Chinese-made instrument. Also a fairly small palate of registers.

Right now there is a good variety of instruments available, including some nice Italian instruments with 120 bass buttons at low prices because they have one or no bids. The problem with the eBay option is that you often have no recourse if you discover the instrument has air leaks or broken reeds.

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