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accordion reeds broken?

i am a new accordion player and owner and i opened my older accordion because one of the reed blocks came loose and the yellow parts that covers the reeds (leathery like) were scattered all over the inside and it looks like a lot of them had fallen off. it still plays but i was wondering the exact purpose of these and how much a bunch of them not being in tact is affecting the sound? also, can i fix it myself since i know how to open it up? thanks!

Those little yellow parts are actually valves that regulate which reed gets the air to play. The are two reeds on each metal reed block, one for when you open (draw air in) the bellows & one for when you close (push air out). They are usually called "leathers" but new ones are plastic.

They may or may not affect the sound, but you will be using a lot more air to play than normal because the reed not playing will leak - very inefficient.

All that holds them on is a drop of glue at the bottom of the leather, but, there is another whole set of them on the inside of each wooden reed block that you can't see without taking more apart. I'd try to get a professional to fix it if you can, it isn't too extensive of a job and he/she could just replace all of them with new so you don't have any future trouble.

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