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Do you have an accordion?

i would like to have one, are there many kinds of accordion?
what can you recommend me? im a newbie

is playing an accordion harder than playing a piano?
oh... is it really heavy?..

i want some guides also before i buy one.

First question is what type of accordion. Perhaps we can assume a piano accordion rather than a concertina. There are several schools of accordion as well, Mexican squeezeboxes are different from Italian which are different from German which are different from French. And the Russians have a whole different school for themselves.

Weight isn't usually as much of an issue, even if they are in the 30 pound range, it's usually the length of the instrument that pains the short folk, especially if you're playing while seated.

The number of registers may seem unimportant at first, but the flexibility of three or four sets of reeds makes a larger instrument desirable. Along with more registers, comes more weight and bulk ... so take that into account.

On the other hand (literally) the number of bass buttons on the Stradella side is important for the complexity of music you're going to do. While 12 is fine for some early study, 48, 72, or 120 (or even 144) are going to come into play for complex work.

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