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How to Become an Excellent Father-to-Be for the First Time

Here are some suggestions on how to become an excellent father-to-be for the first time in different times.

Early pregnancy

1.Father-to-be should get into the kitchen to cook for his wife.

Pregnant women have
pregnancy reactions
in the early period, without standing the greasy taste. So, the husband needs to cook some light tasty and nutritious meals for her, and when cooking, the father-to-be should open the hood, close the kitchen door to reduce the dissemination of smoke flavor.

2. Layout a warm and comfortable environment for her.

Early pregnancy is a critical period of embryo’s nervous system, and pregnant women are vulnerable to the external environment. The father-to-be needs to layout a warm and comfortable room, in case of the toxic and hazardous substance.

3. Quit smoking

It the father-to-be is a smoker, he should prepare to quit it before six months when his wife gets pregnant.

4. Stop sexual life

Placenta is immature in the early pregnancy, and the hormone is unstable. At this time, husband and wife should stop sexual life.

5. Give more care and love to the wife

Nothing will be more important than giving the wife more love and care during
. The father-to-be should encourage his wife to engage in her favorite activities, such as reading, watching movies, walking and listening to music.

Middle pregnancy

1. At this period, the pregnant woman has a good appetite, so the father-to-be should be caring for her more considerately and cook more delicious food.

2. It is the best time for prenatal care, and the baby loves to listen to father’s voce. Therefore, he had better say something to his potential kid, such as reciting rhymes and singing songs.

3. Pregnant women are prohibited to do heavy work, in particular these work that may add pressure on the abdominal. Therefore, the husband needs to help his wife with sock and take things from the above.

4. The pregnant women often feel back pains, and some women’s legs and feet appear edema, hence it is very necessary to do some massage for them before going to bed.

Late pregnancy

1. The father-to-be needs to accompany his wife to do prenatal care according to doctor’s requirement regularly. At this period, they should alert diabetes, anemia, pregnancy-induced hypertension and other disease.

2. Do fetal home monitoring. Actually, home care is far more important than the inspection in hospital. If there is something with the baby, the father-to-be can find it through the changes of fetal movement and fetal heart rate. He can learn to listen to the heart rate of his baby, normal in 120-160 times per minute.

3. Do enough preparation before delivery. It is essential for the husband to accompany with his wife to have training in pregnant women school, which will help them understand the physiological birth process.

4. When the wife has some danger signals, such as vaginal bleeding, vaginal flow and severe headache, the husband should immediately send her to hospital.

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