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Hey can anybody help me identify/value this accordion?

It's a friends accordion, and it's classical. It has 5 rows of Melody buttons, and its very old, but in amazing condition.

Apparently gypsy authentic.

also is Scandalli a good accordion brand?

Scandalli accordions are usually very high quality. They were always one of the top brands. What you have is a five row chromatic accordion. Depending on the arrangement of the right hand buttons, it could be a c-system or b-system accordion. If it came from eastern Europe or Russia it is most likely a b-system. Since you said it was classical, the dry tuning of it sounds typically b-system. I can't tell since it look as though some of the buttons have been changed.

It is very hard to value an accordion without getting into many, many details of the particular instrument. A lot of times the value will be based on the desirability of the instrument along with its condition. What you have is a somewhat specialized instrument, therefore the number of potential buyers is limited and even though it is a very high quality accordion, it may be hard to sell fro what it is really worth. This is especially true in the US where piano accordions are much more common.

Check ebay for Scandalli accordions and you'll see they incredible range of prices. Heres the best of the best -

a 1960's piano accordion for $10K! Yes it's really worth it, I've played one.

Your accordion is most likely never to get an offer for 10K but it certainly is a valuable instrument.

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