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Concertina Guitar Or Accordion?

im starting a new instrument im a professional mandolin and fiddle player and i have a good singing voice and im not sure if i should get a concertina a guitar or an accordion! HELP!! And where would be the best place to get these?

I'd advise against guitar. Not everyone finds this a problem, but you'll have established reflexes for the mandolin/fiddle tuning, and some players find learning a stringed instrument with a different tuning detrimental to both.

Concertina - pleasant enough, but very limited in the keys you can play in. I'd go with accordion; starter piano accordions (48 bass is good) are pretty affordable. The best place would depend on where you are: unless you're in accordion heartland like Scotland, general music shops don't normally stock them or know much about them. Google to see if there's a nearby specialist; they often have reconditioned second-hand instruments. I got mine off eBay, though it can be a bit of gamble.

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