80 Bass

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piano accordion? maintenance?

my friend just gave me a lovely piano accordion. it's been up in an attic for a while i believe, and it looks like somebody has had cause to go inside at some point (replaced one of the screws). it sounds nice, however, a number of the keys are sticky, and when i play a high 'D', the sound of an Eb sounds with it. i've been inside, and it doesn't look like the pad is covering the whole 'D' hole. is this something i can fix myself? if not, does anybody know anyone who can do it for me. i live in newport, UK.

the accordion is a GERALDO 80.

The keying mechanism of an accordion is fairly simple. The more registers, however, the closer the key mechanisms are to each other. The most common problems, I think, are going to be key leavers (and reed covers) that hang up on each other. Kind of like old style typewriters with leavers that would intertwine and hang up on each other if you type too fast.)

The other things that would be bad for an 'attic dwelling' accordion is that reeds wouldn't like the heat/cold cycles, it wouldn't be good for the pads and the bellows either.

It's probably easier to find an accordion professional repair person in Italy, Germany, France or Mexico than it will be in the UK or the US.

Gentle adjustment to the key leavers you should be able to do yourself, but if you need to have the bellows repaired or reeds tuned or voiced you're going to have to find a pro.

... the Geraldo 80 is an 80 bass/34 key accordion I don't know how many sets of reeds it has. The only photo I could find is inconclusive. I'd guess three.

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