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Need help identifying accordion.?

I have an accordion here that I found in our music room. I wanted to buy it off of my teacher, so she said "make me an offer." The problem is, I have no idea what kind it is! It is white with some blue markings on it, sort of a starry pattern. It has 120 bass keys, and 24 piano keys (not including black keys.) It is a Minerva accordion, but I cannot find anything on Google etc about Minerva accordions except for E-bay, and I want to make sure if this accordion is as valuable or as cheap as some of the ones I've seen on E-bay. I need to figure out as accurate a price range as possible, I don't want my teacher to think I'm shorting the deal! I uploaded a photo of it, if anyone knows anything about Minerva accordions, give me a shout!



I've also seen them on eBay; Minerva is a vintage Italian make, 1950s I think.

I'm not good on prices, but I wouldn't pay too much. It's visually lovely, but those two white keys sticking up suggest it's not in great condition mechanically, and you could end up paying twice as much for repairs.

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